A(n Incremental) Case for the Economic Benefits of Reducing Student Debt


In a guest editorial for the Concord Monitor, demographer Peter Franchese argues persuasively that the future of New Hampshire’s economy requires a much larger state investment in public higher education, in particular in its community colleges.

After framing the issues with reference to his own family history, Franchese focuses on the following “paradoxes” and “projections”:

“Perhaps the central paradox of our time is why this generation of young people has been asked to do something no previous generation was ever required to do: heavily mortgage their future with student debt in order to obtain the job skills required to compete in an economy so fundamentally changed from that of their parents.

“This paradox is particularly troublesome for a small state such as New Hampshire that needs to maintain economic growth and a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Without the oil assets of North Dakota or high population growth…

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