Now That We Have Transformed Our Institutions to Compete with the University of Phoenix, It’s on Life Support


In late March, I wrote a post titled “The Meaning of the Failure of the Online For-Profit Universities” It was a response to CNN’s hour-by-hour graphing of a dramatic one-day decline in the stock price of the Apollo Group, which operates the University of Phoenix. The stock price had plummeted on the acknowledgement that the online university’s enrollment had declined by 53.7%, from 460,000 to 213,000 over the previous five years and the announcement that the university was implementing a severe retrenchment plan, closing dozens of “campuses” (student recruitment offices) and laying off hundreds of “staff” (student recruiters) across the country.

In that post, I ultimately posed this series of questions:

1. Are any administrators at our institutions ever going to admit that they were dead wrong about this supposed existential threat to our institutions?

2. Are any administrators ever going to be held accountable for being so incompetent that…

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