At the University of Akron, Some Olives Are Very Expensive


This is the opening of an article written by Karen Farkas for

“AKRON, Ohio – A $556.40 olive jar in University of Akron President Scott Scarborough’s bedroom has become the flashpoint for those upset at the cost of renovations to the president’s home at a time when 161 employees lost their jobs.

The jar, listed among $141,142 in furnishings, drapes and carpeting bought as part of $950,000 in renovations for the university-owned home, has its own Facebook page and Twitter handle, @ssolivejar.

“The furnishings from Alan Garren Interiors and $375,000 worth of construction  were paid for with private donations. But the university also paid about $435,000 in tax dollars to companies and university employees working on the home,

“The olive jar’s Facebook page, created Thursday, lists it as a public figure. The profile picture is of an antique Greek olive jar with a red “SOLD” across it.

“Among the…

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