Very Concrete, Local Issues and Much Broader, Ideological Issues in Higher Education


Writing for the Athens Messenger, Sarah Guinn reports that Hocking College in southeastern Ohio has fired 13 faculty members for lack of adequate credentials. Here are the opening paragraphs of the article:

“Between July and early August, Hocking College ‘released’ 13 full-time members of the faculty—some of whom had been there more than 20 years—citing a lack of credentials, according to the college’s president, Dr. Betty Young.

“The ‘releases,’ as Young referred to it, or terminations of employment, come as a result of requirements handed down by the Higher Learning Commission at an annual meeting earlier this year in March, which informed the college all faculty members must hold appropriate credentials in his or her field of teaching, Young said.

“The college had until Dec. 31 to meet the requirements, and in preparation of an upcoming HLC accreditation visit, the college formed a committee made up of faculty and…

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