To Paraphrase Winston Churchill, We Are in Some Ways Separated from Our Students by Our Ostensibly Common Language


For the first time, this year’s Mindset List includes an addendum—a list of slang words that will be familiar to most members of the class of 2019 and that presumably have become more widely used, even if they were not coined, over this past year.

The list includes somewhat conversational definitions of the terms and illustrations of how each might be used in a sentence. But I have to admit that some of the definitions and sample sentences were almost as incomprehensible me to understand as the terms themselves would have been without any context whatsoever. So, I have looked up the terms in the online Urban Dictionary.

The only term not listed in the Urban Dictionary is “too Yoko Ono,” which oddly enough is one of the two terms that I would have been able to define, the other being “trolling.”

1. dankrupt: to be out of marijuana

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