Syllabi for Two New Courses with Social-Justice Emphases


The first is included in an article by Brentin Mock published in Atlantic. Titled “There Are No Urban Design Courses on Race and Justice, So We Made Our Own Syllabus,” the article includes the following list of suggested readings culled by Mock from a larger number of suggestions sent to him by the urban-design faculty whom he contacted:

There Goes the ‘Hood, by Lance Freeman, 2006.

Fair and Healthy Land Use: Environmental Justice and Planning, by Craig Anthony Arnold, 2007.

Aesthetics of Equity, by Craig Wilkins, 2007.

Structural Inequality: Black Architects in the United States, by Victoria Kaplan, 2006.

The Crisis of the African-American Architect: Conflicting Cultures of Architecture and (Black) Power, by Melvin Mitchell , 2002.

Urban Planning and the African-American Community, by June Manning Thomas, 1997.

Redevelopment and Race: Planning a Finer City in Postwar Detroit, June Manning Thomas, 1997.

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