Petition to Pope Francis on Behalf of American Contingent Faculty at All Institutions, but Especially at Catholic Colleges and Universities


Adjunct Faculty at Catholic U's


The plight of contingent faculty has been getting a lot of attention in the past couple years, and not just in academic journals with a focus on higher education issues. Mainstream media are catching on and publishing stories about the increased proportion of adjunct positions to total faculty numbers, the pitiful wages paid to part-time faculty, their lack of benefits, the instability of their working lives, the impacts of an adjunct-majority faculty on student outcomes and institutional identity, the national push by labor organizations to help those faculty form unions… you name the angle, and you can bet there’s a handful of articles addressing that facet of the adjunctification crisis.


At the same time, there has been an upheaval in the status quo regarding labor rights within institutions with religious affiliation. This is a moral and increasingly a legal conundrum…

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