If We Are the World Leader in Higher Education, Why Is There Such Urgency to “Re-Make” American Higher Education?


On the recent list of the Top 200 Universities in the World, the US is the dominant nation, with 49 institutions on the list, ahead of the UK with 30 institutions, the Netherlands with twelve, Germany with 11, Canada, Australia, and Japan with 8 each, China with 7, and France, Sweden and Hong Kong with 5 each.

Quite obviously, the performance of our nation’s top universities may not be indicative of the performance of all of our many types of postsecondary institutions. But, granting that, it is hard to think of anything that we do better as a nation, except perhaps arms production.

So, those who are arguing for the need to “re-make” or to “radically transform” higher education should be required to demonstrate that actual problems exist that require the “solutions” that they are offering—at potentially great profit to their corporations and their sharegolders.

They should have to demonstrate…

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