The Corporatized Globalization of Higher Education and Cotton Picking in Tajikistan


We read a great deal about the internationalization of higher education—which, in many contexts, is simply a catchphrase for the corporate provision of digitalized higher education through conglomerates such as Laureate, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill.

But if this one-size-fits-all approach to education has created all sorts of issues in North America and Europe, it is inevitably going to cause more significant problems in regions of the world in which higher education has a much less firmly established history and tradition.

Indeed, it is very hard to see how this globalization of corporatized digital education will not become a major impediment to the development of national systems of higher education rooted in and enriching the cultural traditions of each of those nations.

Even the most informed Westerners have only a very superficial knowledge of the cultures, socio-economic conditions, and political realities in many, if not most of these nations. But occasionally, a…

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