A Newspaper Report on Administrative Bloat: Some Remarks on the Sum of the Details and on Some of the Specific Details


On September, 17, an investigative article by Lance Lambert and Josh Sweigart was published in the Dayton Daily News. Its title is “’Bloat’ Driving Rise in Tuition; Administrative Pay Rising Faster than Cost for Instruction.”

For too long, administrators have been, at best, acquiescing to and, at worst, reinforcing to state legislators and to the public the notion that faculty are over-paid and under-worked and primarily responsible for the increase in tuition costs. It is overdue that the media is taking a much closer look at the numbers, and it is almost certain that the media attention may lead to a more knowledgeable perspective among both our public figures and the public.

This news article opens as follows:

“Soaring compensation for college presidents and high-profile coaches has fueled public backlash in recent years, but those costs aren’t alone in contributing to a double-digit increase in the payrolls of Ohio’s public…

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