U.S. Higher Education News for September 17, 2015


Addo, Koran. “Degrees Earned by UMSL’s Minority Students Jump 18 Percent in a Year.” St Louis Post-Dispatch 17 Sep. 2015: A, 13.

Of all the things University of Missouri-St. Louis Chancellor Thomas George said during his annual State of the University address on Wednesday, the most eye-popping was his revelation that the number of degrees earned by minority students jumped a startling 18 percent, or 89 students, from one school year to the next.

Getting that kind of a bump means a lot considering that, nationwide, black students are catching up to white students as far as enrolling in college. But when it comes to actually graduating, there’s still a significant gap.

So it follows that a lot of schools are talking about doing more to serve minority students.

“Money matters,” said Nick Hillman, a higher education policy expert at the University of Wisconsin.

Schools can generally boost their enrollment…

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