U.S. Higher Education News for September 23, 2015, Part 1


Berry, Bill. “GOP Doesn’t Get That Higher Ed Is a Sound investment.” Capital Times [Madison, WI] 23 Sep. 2015: 42.

UW-Fox Valley was a beehive of activity when business took this columnist to the campus in Menasha last spring. One of 13 freshman-sophomore campuses in the UW System, UW-Fox Valley plays a crucial role in the lives of almost 2,000 young people from Fox Valley. On that day, everyone seemed busy, hustling from one class to another, hurrying through lunch or gathering in groups to study.

This all occurred at a time when politicians in Madison were figuring out new ways to screw higher education. The politicians and their agendas seemed far removed from the Menasha campus, where the young folks were busy learning. Two-year campuses fit the needs of many students who might not otherwise get a chance at higher education. They are less expensive and meet the needs…

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