U.S. Higher Education News for September 23, 2015, Part 2


And here are some items of possible interest from newspapers published outside of the U.S.:

Deeks, Andrew. “With Universities You Get Back What You Invest; Cuts in Funding Will Impact Our Ability to Produce Bright and Adaptable Graduates,” Irish Times 23 Sep. 2015: 14.

Over the past seven years exchequer funding to universities and colleges of education has fallen by 28 per cent while student numbers have increased by 18 per cent. Our student-to-staff ratio of 22 to 1 is now significantly behind the OECD average of 14 to 1.

I continue to be surprised that some influential individuals believe these cuts have enabled efficiencies to be realised. Sorry, that is simply not the case. What these cuts have done is reduce the ability of our universities to deliver a world-class educational experience to the young (and not so young), and to deliver research which affects the economic, cultural and…

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