U.S. Higher Education News for September 25, 2015, Part 2


And here are some other items of possible interest from newspapers published outside of the U.S.:

Child, Katharine. “Free Varsity ‘a Waste.’” Times [South Africa] 25 Sep. 2015.

LEADING economists believe that increasing enrolment in preschools in sub-Saharan Africa is a better use of resources than giving free education at high school and university.

The Danish think tank The Copenhagen Consensus made its findings public as world leaders descend on New York to decide on UN targets for the reduction of poverty, hunger, violence and inequality by 2030.

The Danish economists were trying to find the most effective use of the investments necessary to meet the UN targets.

Their analysis suggests that increasing preschool enrolment in sub-Saharan Africa from the present 18% to 59% would return $33 for every dollar spent.

World leaders meet today at the UN to ratify global development goals expected to cost $2.5-trillion between next year…

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