U.S. Higher Education News for September 26, 2015


Beer, Julie Crothers. “Educators Worry Dual-Credit Degree Requirement Asks Too Much of Teachers.” Goshen News [IN] 26 Sep. 2015.

. . . Dual credit courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit for coursework through a postsecondary institution that they complete while enrolled in high school.

Locally, secondary schools partner with Indiana University, Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College, among others, to offer the courses.

According to federal education data, dual credit enrollment has increased 75 percent over the past eight years, with more than two million students enrolled in classes across the country.

But impending changes to the academic requirements for educators could dramatically affect high schools’ ability to offer dual credit courses.

The Higher Learning Commission, a federal organization that accredits higher education institutions in 19 states including Indiana, adopted a new policy in June that requires educators who teach dual credit courses to hold a…

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