Very Few Tears at Lloyd Jacobs’ Departure from the University of Toledo; The Former President Will Be Remembered for His Almost Singular Disdain for Shared Governance


In June 2010, Jack Stripling wrote a piece for Inside Higher Ed reporting on faculty responses to a survey about the performance of University of Toledo president Lloyd Jacobs. Here are the first few paragraphs of that piece, titled “Toledo Chief Raked over Coals”:

“In a scathing review of his controversial presidency at the University of Toledo, faculty are calling Lloyd Jacobs a tyrannical micromanager who ‘obviously thinks we are idiots.’

“The faculty’s evaluation of Jacobs is yet another black mark for a president who has drawn fire in the past three years for attempts to partner with a for-profit company, inserting himself in the tenure review process through brief interviews with all candidates and contemplating in an e-mail whether throwing a dean ‘under the bus’ would be the most convenient way to move forward with his agenda.

“With few exceptions, the Faculty Senate’s performance review, which was…

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