Course on 9-11 at the University of North Carolina Attacked by Young Republicans and the Pope Center


At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Neel Ahuja is teaching a course on the literature related to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. In response to concerns raised by both the Young Republicans group on the campus and by the Pope Center, the Faculty Council has issued a resolution unanimously affirming the academic integrity of the course and the academic freedom of Neel Ahuja.

In an article titled “Faculty Backs Professor in UNC 9/11-Lit Dispute,” published by the Herald-Sun in Chapel Hill and Durham [28 Sep. 2015], Ray Gronberg notes that the College Republicans charged that the course is being “’used to indoctrinate students against the very civilization that supports our studies financially and defends the freedoms we enjoy.’” Likewise, Jay Schalin, an analyst at the Pope Center, charged that his review of the works included in the course’s reading list has convinced him that the overall slant of the…

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