Several Unusual Perspectives on Employment, by State


Let’s start with a map indicating the most common jobs in each of the states:

Most Popular Job in Each State

And to get you in the right mindset for what will follow, here is a map indicating the job that is more common in each state than in any other state in the country:

Most Distinctly Common Job by State

Over the last several weeks, Business Insider has published two articles that provide more unusual mappings of the statistics provided by the Department of Labor.

In the first article, Andy Kiersz reports on the most disproportionately popular job for college graduates in each state. He notes that in 48 of the 50 states, more college graduates are employed as elementary or middle-school teachers than in any other positions. But what Kiersz is mapping is the job in each state which requires a college degree and for which the variance from the national average of the number of people employed in it…

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