The AAUP CB Chapter and the Other Unions at Eastern Michigan University Refuse to Participate in a Secretive Search for a New President


What follows is a joint statement release on October 14 by the AAUP chapter and the other unions at Eastern Michigan University:

I am speaking today about the Board’s misguided, shortsighted, and unfortunate decision to make the presidential search a closed and secret search, ensuring that the campus community will not have any significant input into the selection of the next president of Eastern Michigan University.

This decision makes clear that the Board does not believe in shared governance.  This is not a surprise; most of you come from the private sector, which is very different from a university. Colleges and universities are different, and public universities especially so-–faculty and other voices need to be heard, for the simple reason that we teach the students, and we are the ones how are closest to the core mission of EMU.

AAUP statement on presidential searches and campus visits:

“There should be Campus visits where…

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