The Highest Paying College Major in Each State


Drawing on statistics available through the Departments of Education and Labor, Business Insider has published a state-by-state list of the “most lucrative” college major in each state. The salaries of those who have earned baccalaureate degrees in certain disciplines and who are working in occupations related to those disciplines have been averaged.

What follows is a composite profile of that data, organized by major and occupation, rather than by state:

Electrical Engineering

Alabama [$98,000]

Arizona [$91,000]

Connecticut [$96,000]

Kansas [$88,000]

Kentucky [$87,000]

Maryland [$103,000]

Minnesota [$90,000]

Missouri [$91,000]

Nevada [$79,000]

New Hampshire [$107,000]

New Mexico [$85,000]

Oklahoma [$92,000]

Oregon [$98,000]

Utah [$83,000]

Wisconsin [$87,000]

Chemical Engineering

Colorado [$104,000]

Louisiana [$109,000]

South Carolina [$105,000]

Tennessee [$102,000]

Petroleum Engineering

Texas [$152,000]

Mechanical Engineering

Iowa [$83,000]

Aerospace Engineering

Washington [$108,000]

Civil Engineering

Hawaii [$81,000]

Computer Engineering

Georgia [$96,000]

Computer Science

Arkansas [$65,000]

Nebraska [$69,000]


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration

California [$105,000]

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