Former Adjunct Faculty Member Banned from Adams State University Campus in Colorado: Part 1


This post will be the first in a series treating the decision of the administration of Adams State University to ban Danny Ledonne, a former adjunct faculty member, from the campus– under threat of immediate arrest should he violate the ban.

In this post, I will provide an outline of the events that led to this action. In the next post in the series, I will provide copies of the e-mail from the Adams State University chief of police and Danny Ledonne’s reply to that e-mail, both of which have been sent to the entire university community. A third post will discuss the Columbine-related video game and the documentary on the national response to the video game that have brought Ledonne to national attention and are now being cited as part of the justification for his being banned from the campus. Lastly, I will look at some of the materials…

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