Jobs in Which the Salaries Remain Relatively Flat


PayScale recently compiled a list of the 20 jobs in which the “salaries go nowhere”: that is, in which the person’s salary in mid-career varies least from their starting salaries.

This sort of comparison seems to me to undercut some of the emphasis on how much graduates earn six years out from their graduation dates.

Please note how many of these jobs are in STEM or STEM-related fields. In most cases, the starting salaries in those fields seem fairly substantial, but almost no one has been focusing on salaries in those fields in mid- and late-career. Like almost everyone else, I assumed that the high starting salaries meant that the salaries for those in such fields would continue to be proportionately higher throughout their working lives. Apparently, that is the case only in most engineering fields and in some other, selected STEM and STEM-related fields.

Notice also how many of…

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