Within the Supposedly “Common Sense” Talking Points, Fundamental Incoherence


We have been told that charter schools are needed as an alternative to our public schools because our public schools are failing to prepare our children for meaningful immediate employment or for higher education.

Of course, despite massive taxpayer subsidies, selective enrollment policies, and the misreporting of the results of standardized tests and other assessments, the majority of the corporate-operated charter schools are performing no better than the most poorly performing public schools. In Ohio, which has been one of the most aggressive states in transferring tax revenues from our public schools to corporate-operated charter schools, seventy-five percent of those charter schools are performing at the same level as the lowest performing quartile of the public schools.

It is a misappropriation of public resources and a betrayal of the public trust equivalent to, if not exceeding, what we have already seen with the online for-profit colleges and universities.

But more…

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