Notoriety as a Rationale for Demonization


This past week, Danny Ledonne’s documentary Playing Columbine was scheduled to be shown and discussed in a public forum at Adams State University, from which he has very publicly been banned under threat of arrest.

If you have been following the posts to this blog on the university’s efforts to characterize him as a dangerously disgruntled former employee, you may remember that he made a controversial video game about the Columbine massacre in order to provoke discussion about the linkages between playing violent video games and committing mass murder. Then, after the game provoked considerable controversy, he decided to make the documentary to explore the broad spectrum of very impassioned responses to the game. The documentary was so well received that, paradoxically but also predictably, it caused some to reappraise their responses to the video game.

Danny Ledonne completed both of these projects well before he returned to Colorado and…

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