Opportunities for Advocacy of the Humanities and of Funding for the Humanities


This post does not represent an AAUP endorsement of the events being sponsored by the National Humanities Alliance. I myself am not even a member of this organization. But in a large number of posts to this blog, a number of contributors have made the case for the value of the Humanities, and this organization is obviously a major advocate for the Humanities and for Humanities funding.


Register for NHA Annual Meeting and Humanities Advocacy Day

Make the case for the humanities on Capitol Hill!

Register today for the 2016 National Humanities Alliance Annual Meeting and Humanities Advocacy Day!

March 14-15, 2016

George Washington University’s Marvin Center and Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C.

Featured Speakers:
Bro Adams, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
Max Kenner, Founder and Executive Director, Bard Prison Initiative

Click here to register today.

Call for Proposals for November 2016 National Humanities Conference

We are pleased…

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