Addendum to the Call for Papers for the AAUP’s 2016 Annual Meeting


The Collective Bargaining Congress has created a Subcommittee on Racial Justice, which has recommended the following list of suggested topics for presentations at the AAUP’s annual meeting in June. The list is consistent with the broader Call for Proposals but offers more specific suggestions.

All proposals need to be submitted by December 7 and should be submitted digitally through the AAUP website; the link is provided in the information about the conference provided in this post below the list of topics.


1. The Role of the AAUP in Promoting Racial and Social Justice Strategies:

(a) Linkages with Other Academic Associations; Linkages with Student Groups; Linkages with Other Labor, Formally Political, and Progressive Activist Groups; The Models Available in Other Professional Associations That Promote Social and Racial Justice;

(b) Strategies for Addressing Racial and Social Justice Issues on the Conference and Chapter Levels;

(c) Strategies for Attracting More Faculty of Color…

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