Gun on Campus: A Dangerous Proposal


The following op-ed was written by John McNay, the President of the Ohio Conference, and was published yesterday in the Cincinnati Enquirer []:

“Ohio House Bill 48, the “Guns Everywhere” bill, would allow concealed-carry permit holders to carry handguns in currently restricted places such as airports, day cares and college campuses.

“As university and college faculty, our focus is especially on our campuses, although we are also concerned about this broader proliferation of weapons because it has not been accompanied by any proportionate safeguards against their abuse. Campuses have been gun-free zones because, nationally and historically, the presence of firearms has been regarded as incompatible with the publicly mandated mission of higher education. Everyone should be able to teach and to learn without intimidation or fear. The proponents of “campus carry” suggest that it might pre-empt the still-uncommon incidents of mass murder on campuses. But they ignore the…

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