Duncan: For-Profit College Chain Guilty of Lying to DoE about Deceptive Recruiting Practices but Students Not Deceived by Those Practices


As if anyone needed further proof that Arne Duncan could not care less about students, consider his logic on the settlement reached with Education Management, the for-profit college corporation. What follows is taken from a Huffington Post article by Shahien Nasiripour:

“A trio of Senate Democrats on Monday sharply rebuked outgoing Education Secretary Arne Duncan for comments in which he downplayed alleged wrongdoing committed by Education Management Corp., the for-profit college chain state and federal prosecutors accused of systematically defrauding taxpayers out of at least $11 billion.

Duncan said Nov. 16 that government authorities hadn’t determined that the company, also known as EDMC, had misled students during an alleged years-long crime spree in which EDMC is said to have lied to the federal government about its eligibility to receive federal student aid when it falsely claimed it was in compliance with a federal ban on paying bonuses to recruiters…

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