The Miami University AAUP Chapter Has a Website—and Major Changes Are Being Imposed on the University’s Regional Campuses


This relatively new but rapidly growing chapter in Ohio now has a nice website at

The chapter news also can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

The website includes a link to an article in The Miami Student [] by Megan Zahneis, reporting on the major administrative restructuring occurring at Miami’s regional campuses:

“Miami’s regional campuses are set to be reorganized into six new academic departments, as per a University Senate vote Monday afternoon.

“Starting next fall, an umbrella ‘regional system’ will consist of the following departments: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education and Society, Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts, and Languages, Literature and Writing.

“Administrators say the restructuring plan will facilitate the development of new bachelor’s degrees on Miami’s regional campuses. The long-term goal of offering between 18 and 21 regional degrees is a response to a 2008 mandate by the…

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