Housing Provided to Public University Presidents in Ohio


Peter Kiersten very recently did a post to this blog titled “Universities, Penthouses, and CEO Venality” [http://academeblog.org/2015/12/21/universities-penthouses-and-ceo-venality/]

Coincidentally, the Dayton Daily News recently has published an article by Josh Sweigart on the housing provided to university presidents in Ohio. Although it includes some attention to the new residence being provided for the new president of the University of Dayton, the bulk of the attention is to the housing provided to public university presidents.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Central State University President Cynthia Jackson-Hammond lives in a $485,000 house purchased for her last year in a Beavercreek Twp. subdivision located 10 miles from the Wilberforce campus.

“Central State continues to pay the mortgage on the house—totaling $51,600 a year—as the school is under fiscal watch and its students graduate with more debt than any other four-year public school in the country. . . .

“Across Ohio…

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