Residences of Presidents of Public Universities in Ohio


This is a visual addendum to my concurrent post on this topic.

Because Santa Ono, President of the University of Cincinnati, lives off-campus and accepts no housing subsidy from the university, I have excluded his residence.

Other notes:

The residence included here for the president of Cleveland State University was listed for sale in September 2014, with the president announcing plans to move “downtown.”

There are two residence included for Ohio University, the longtime president’s residence that has been under renovation and the interim residence that has been considered for a longer-term lease.

Lastly, the president’s residence on the Wright State University campus is now being used as an alumni center. The president lives off campus, and although he receives a substantial housing allowance from the university, I have not been able to locate any images of his residence with a Google search.

President’s Residence, University of Akron:



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