University Lobbyists Providing Free Football Tickets and More to Legislators


Writing for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution [1 Jan. 2016: A,1], Chris Joyner and Aaron Gould Sheinin have reported on the unusual aspects of how Georgia universities lobby state legislators. Their article, “AJC at the Gold Dome: University Lobbyists Spend Big on State Lawmakers,” details not only the practices of the lobbyists but the reasons why those practices have remained largely free from oversight.

Joyner and Sheinin open their article with the following paragraphs:

“When former University of Georgia football coach Mark Richt coached his Bulldogs past the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in his final game Nov. 28, there was practically a full committee of state lawmakers in the stands.

“The lobbyist for Georgia Tech gave free tickets to the game to a dozen state lawmakers, including the six members of the House Appropriations Committee, which allocates the university system’s budget, and Sen. P.K. Martin, R-Lawrenceville, a Georgia Tech grad and vice…

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