Back to School in Higher Ed: Who Needs Faculty


This past fall, I somehow failed to post this notice on the most recent working paper published by the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE).

The CFHE website is located at


Executive Summary

Although 50 years of research has shown that faculty/student interaction is crucial to student success, recent trends and newly-adopted practices in higher education actually decrease the possibilities for faculty to interact with students in the amounts and the ways that matter most.

This paper examines the price students pay for several trends in higher education that have gained acceptance without a balanced critical analysis.

If research were driving higher education policy, investing in faculty would be a top priority at every college and university. But what is happening in our country, instead, is a growing disinvestment in faculty.

This paper details how serious and how pervasive this disinvestment in faculty has become, and…

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