As Illinois Becomes Louisiana


Governor Bruce Rauner is doing Scott Walker one better and turning Illinois into Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana without even pausing along the way to replicate what Walker has done in Wisconsin.

What is occurring in all of these states is also occurring in Kansas, in Maine, and in a slew of states in the South from Texas to North Carolina. But in those other states, the gutting of public education, as well as other public services and public institutions, has been accomplished in a more pedestrian way: that is, there has been at least a pretense of actually governing—if, that is, the conventional sense of the word “government” still retains any meaning for these people. (It is like someone drawing a paycheck for cutting hair but just opening and closing the scissors as if the air were hair.) In Louisiana, Jindal operated what was quite blatantly a governmental Ponzi scheme, shifting…

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