The Candidates’ Positions on Higher-Ed Issues


The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administration (NASFAA) is maintaining a list of positions on higher-education issues taken by all of the presidential candidates in this election cycle, including those who have suspended their campaigns.

The list, which seems to be updated regularly, is available at:

Even a cursory glance through the list will convey the contrast between the detailed positions on a variety of higher-ed issues taken by the two remaining Democratic candidates and the seemingly scant attention to or at least emphasis on higher-ed issues by three of the four remaining Republican candidates—Marco Rubio being the one considerable exception.

For instance, notice the difference in the sections on Hillary Clinton and on Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton:

On college cost: During her campaign kick-off speech in June, Clinton hinted that she would work to expand college access and affordability. “Let’s make college affordable and available to…

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