Support for Students and Faculty at the University of Hyderabad


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The statement that follows is being circulated in solidarity with the students and faculty of the Hyderabad Central University, presently under siege by the police and from the central government in India.  In the past three days police and paramilitary forces have been occupying the HCU campus–dozens of students were beaten and molested by police officers, and deprived of basic food and water supplies, electricity and the media.  Twenty-seven people, including two faculty members, were abducted and badly brutalized by police. Several of them remain in custody in different locations throughout the city. There has been a virtual media blackout. This is part of what is becoming a worrisome pattern of state violence on academic institutions across the country. A number of you signed solidarity statements after Jawaharlal Nehru University at Delhi came under attack last month.  As students, teachers and activists based, let us tell the Indian…

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