U of Phoenix Eliminating 8% of Its Employees


The University of Phoenix has announced that it is eliminating the positions of 470 of its 6,000 employees as part of its “five-year transition plan.”

What follows is the letter sent by University of Phoenix president Timothy P. Slottow to the “company leaders”:

Dear Colleagues,

As ever, I want to thank you for your enthusiasm around and belief in our vision, our University’s five-year plan for transformation, as well as for your willingness to actively engage in honest, straight-forward conversations about the future of the institution. During our transformation to a more-trusted, more-focused, higher-retaining and less-complex university, holding conversations among your teams—and with your managers and front line staff—is more important than ever. Those talks help us build on our foundation, a culture of trust, honesty, transparency and compassion. Open conversation with your managers will improve engagement and help manage change in a way that keeps our students’ success as our top priority.

A significant workforce reduction was announced today in departments across the University. I support the decisions and am…

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