Impact of State Budget Impasse on Northern Illinois University


The following paragraphs are taken from an article by Leah Nicolini written for the Northern Star, the student-produced newspaper at Northern Illinois University:

“Due to a lack of state appropriated funds, NIU plans to cut $30 million from its budget, by the end of the semester, to keep the school out of deficit for the summer and fall semesters.

“Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Fiscal Year 2016 proposed budget includes a reduction in funds to public entities, including NIU’s $93 million in allocations for FY 2015 being cut to about $64 million. A lack of agreement on the proposed budget has resulted in a seven-month impasse. Without a finalized budget, state appropriations cannot be given.

“NIU has cut 15 percent or $15 million of its spring 2016 budget and plans to cut another 15 percent by the end of the semester. The updated working budget will be reviewed today at the…

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