Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 4 of a Series]


Canada—Capilano University

In May 2014, George Rammell, a professor of art at Capilano University, discovered that a sculpture had been removed from his campus studio. The sculpture was of “school president Kris Bulcroft with her poodle Margaux wrapped in an American flag” (Hager). Rammell learned that the sculpture had been removed by campus security and that it had been irreparably damaged in the process

The chair of the “school’s board” had ordered the removal of the sculpture “after she concluded that displaying the massive acrylic head on campus amounted to ‘personal harassment’ of Dr. Bulcroft” (Hager).

In May 2015, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) issued a report that found that the university had violated Rammell’s academic freedom: specifically, CAUT “found that while the piece was unflattering, it was also ‘legitimate expression, not bullying or personal harassment.’ . . . ; ‘ [rather,] the sculpture was clearly in the…

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