Total NFL Draft Picks by University


Here are the schools with the most NFL draft picks between 1996 and 2015:

USC: 69

LSU: 63

Oklahoma: 57

Georgia: 56

Florida State: 54

(tie) Alabama: 53

(tie) Ohio State: 53

Miami: 46

Florida: 45

Wisconsin: 42

(tie) Clemson: 41

(tie) Texas: 41

(tie) California: 40

(tie) Notre Dame: 40

(tie) Virginia Tech: 40

Iowa: 39

Nebraska: 37

Penn State: 36

Oregon: 35

(tie) Auburn: 34

(tie) Michigan: 34

(tie) North Carolina: 34

(tie) South Carolina: 34

(tie) Tennessee: 34

Here are the universities with the most players selected in the NFL draft since its inception in 1936, down to those universities that have produced at least 25 drafted players (so, to be clear, any university with fewer than 80 players selected in the draft has averaged fewer than one player per draft):

NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_01NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_02NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_03NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_04NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_05NFL Draft Picks by School All-Time_Page_06

Here are the conferences that produced the most players selected in the NFL Draft from 2005-2015:

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