Tough Times for Adelphi Faculty under New President Christine Riordan


Our AAUP chapter at Adelphi University has a long history. The faculty unionized in 1973 and negotiated their first contract in 1974. They have successfully negotiated contracts ever since. That is not to suggest that some of the negotiations have not been contentious, but the faculty at Adelphi does have a history of taking and maintaining strong positions on institutional issues that have ultimately proven to be very important to the university’s survival. Most notably, the faculty came together in the 1990’s to oust the then President and Board of Trustees for corruption, and it is no overstatement to state that the faculty saved the university.

Various faculty at Adelphi have contacted me about issues with the university’s new president, Christine Riordan, and those issues seem to have come to a head in the negotiations over a new contract. What follows is what I have gleaned from multiple sources, and the AAUP’s…

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