UA Faculty Survey Results


Akron­AAUP Survey  Reveals  Increasingly  Negative  Faculty Sentiment

Morethan 80% of reporting faculty are not confident in University of Akron leadership.


AKRON, Ohio – May 2, 2016 – A recent Akron­AAUP survey of the faculty indicates even less confidence in University of Akron leadership than was measured by a similar survey during the fall semester. More than 75% of bargaining unit faculty responded to the online survey, the results of which  reflect  faculty sentiment  across academic areas.

“In spite of overwhelming faculty support for our new contract, on every issue measured, faculty have more negative views of UA than they had just 7 months ago,” says Akron­AAUP President and Professor of Sociology, John Zipp. “Approximately 9 out of every 10 faculty believe that the university is worse off than it was two years ago, that the public sees the University more negatively, that shared governance is not working well…

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