Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 6 of a Series]


Canada—Additional Items

In May, in an incident not covered in O’Kane’s survey, the president and provost of the University of Saskatchewan were forced out of their positions after they fired a dean for being openly critical of their cost-cutting plans. The dean, Robert Buckingham, was also a tenured professor, and the outcry by faculty and students over his abrupt termination led to the resignation of Provost Brett Fairbairn and the firing of President Ilene Busch-Vishniac. A news report on her firing in Saskatoon’s Star Phoenix notes that her being “fired without cause” represented “an unprecedented move for a Canadian university” (Hill). An interim president was named, and Buckingham was re-instated to his faculty position. But the university “never launched an independent or public investigation into the events that ended Busch-Vishniac’s and Fairbairn’s leadership careers, [and] both continue to work at the university as professors” (Hill).


In April, the provincial…

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