How the Cutting Edge Does Damage


An article on the AsiaOne website cites a news item that originally appeared in the Huaxi Metropolis Daily, reporting that “a robot is being designed to compete with 12th graders during the college entrance examination in 2017 and get a score qualifying it to enter first-class universities in China.”

Indeed, in the caption of the photo used as the featured image for this post, the robot is identified by name as “Humanoid robot Jiajia.” And near the end of the article, this robot and others are described as if they are students setting challenging personal goals: “The robot is reportedly trying to qualify for admission to Peking University and Tsinghua University in 2020, and its counterpart in Japan is eyeing Tokyo University in 2020.”

Lin Hui, Lin Hui, CEO of an artificial intelligence company in Chengdu, has announced that the “robot will sit three exams, namely math, Chinese and a…

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