Almost 40 Faculty and 70 Staff Eliminated at NKU


Writing for the Cincinnati Inquirer, Kate Murphy reports that Northern Kentucky University will eliminate “more than 100 faculty and staff positions” to cover an $8 million budget shortfall.

The announcement came on the heels of a ruling by Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate that “Gov. Matt Bevin can cut the budgets of public colleges and universities without the approval of the state legislature . . . [because] Bevin was not adjusting the colleges’ appropriation, which is something only the state legislature can do. He was just ordering them not to spend all of it.”

For Northern Kentucky University, the reduction in state support amounts to $2.2 million. Since 2008, the university “has looked to extract efficiencies in terms of operating costs,” but, according to its president Geoff Mearns, it has “’already captured the low-hanging fruit’ and had to resort to personnel cuts.”

In all, 37 faculty positions will be eliminated, saving…

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