Akron-AAUP Response to Scarborough Resignation


Some of you may have seen the item in the Chronicle of Higher Education on Scott Scarborough’s resignation as President of the university of Akron [http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/akrons-controversial-president-will-step-down-immediately/111739?cid=pm&utm]. That article includes the official statement released by the university’s Board of Trustees. A follow-up article, “U of Akron Chief’s Resignation Ends a Rocky Presidency,” is available at: http://chronicle.com/article/U-of-Akron-Chiefs/236663.

An article published by Business Insider offers a short but very succinct overview of the controversies created by Scarborough:

“The University of Akron announced Monday morning that its controversial president, Scott L. Scarborough (right), is stepping down today, by mutual agreement with the board.

“Scarborough has been involved in repeated controversies during his less than two years at Akron. He has led efforts to make significant budget cuts, which would have been controversial even if he had not been spending money on renovating his university home.

“Many were shocked by the $951,000 in…

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