Major Court Decision on Net Neutrality


The following paragraphs are from “The Net Neutrality Court Decision in Plain English,” written by Brian Fung for the Washington Post:

“Some debates are so important to the healthy function of the Internet that they’re worth learning about in depth, and in the process grasping their implications for free speech, online commerce, educational opportunity and all the reasons that make the Internet worth using in the first place.

“One of those debates reached a key turning point Tuesday, when a federal appeals court said that the Internet is basically like a giant telephone network and that the companies that provide it, such as Comcast and Verizon, must offer essentially the same protections to Internet users that the government has required of phone companies for decades. . . .

“In a nutshell, they’re aimed at making sure the Internet stays an open platform and that cable and telecom companies can’t use their position in the marketplace to unfairly benefit themselves…

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