Income Inequality in Higher Ed


This chart has been provided as part of an article by Emily Peck on the factors driving income inequality []:

CEO's and Avg Worker's Compensation

In response to my posts on administrative bloat, I have sometimes received complaints that my emphasis on high administrative salaries is beside the point because relatively few upper administrators receive those salaries and those salaries do not constitute a high percentage of almost any institutional budgets.

Granted, at most institutions, the salaries of presidents are not 275 times the average faculty salary. But it is just as obvious that the disproportion between presidents’ income, which now typically includes sizable taxable and deferred compensation beyond the base salaries, and faculty salaries has been increasing dramatically—at a rate that would also be need to be represented as a steep line on a graph. And as the incomes of presidents have risen, the incomes of their immediate subordinates and of third-…

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