Beer Sales at College Games


This week, I came across an Associated Press story by William Petroski about discussions to permit alcohol sales at the University of Iowa’s football games and other collegiate sports events throughout the state [].

It turns out that Iowa is hardly the first state to sidle up to the bar. A 2015 article by Christian Malone, written for the website Saturday Down South [], includes the following map:

2015 Beer Map for College Football Stadiums

Writing for in June 2016, Dennis Dodd has provided a great deal of information on the reasons why beer sales are increasingly permitted at college football stadiums and highlights the rationalizations for what seems to be first and foremost a financial decision:

“This fall, approximately 40 schools will offer beer (at least) to the general public at their college football stadiums. Several more schools are considering joining the party. No matter what your opinion, some sort of…

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