The Highest Paid Public Employees


According to an article written by Evan Comen, Thomas C. Frolich, and Michael B. Sauter for 24/7 Wall St., the highest paid public employee in 39 of the 50 states is either a football coach or a men’s basketball coach.

  1. Alabama
    > Highest paid employee: Nick Saban
    > Position:College football coach
    > Salary: $7.09 million
  1. Alaska
    > Highest paid employee: Keith Meyer
    > Position:President, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation
    > Salary: $550,000
  1. Arizona
    > Highest paid employee: Sean Miller
    > Position:College basketball coach
    > Salary: $4.95 million
  1. Arkansas
    > Highest paid employee: Bret Bielema
    > Position:College football coach
    > Salary: $3.96 million
  1. California
    > Highest paid employee: Jim Mora
    > Position:College football coach
    > Salary: $3.35 million
  1. Colorado
    > Highest paid employee: Mike MacIntyre
    > Position:College football coach
    > Salary: $2.01 million
  1. Connecticut
    > Highest paid employee: Kevin Ollie
    > Position:College basketball coach

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